We are knitting the future

Our process

Top-notch yarn from committed suppliers

People say the secret behind the perfect fabric is the passion you put in its creation. We agree. But a fine yarn helps too.

High-tech machinery for circular knitting

Knitting future trends is more than inspiration. We have a fleet of 200 machines powered by the invaluable know-how of our in-house experts.

Exquisite dyeings and high-end finishings

The devil is in the details, and our fabrics are fire! IRIS, our dye-house, is a full-fledged lab equipped with versatile jets that make the difference in the final result.

We are the company that has been knitting the future for more than 20 years.

We love to embrace new challenges and continuously invest in groundbreaking solutions.

We are a team of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and interlinked expertise.

We seek out for earth-friendly solutions along our whole value chain.

What people say about us